C&F Machine Embroidery Module 1 Chapter three

Chapter 3: Straight Stitching

1. Grid sewn with foot on

Fabric: bridal satin

Stabilizer: 3 layers nappy liners

Foot: B (regular zigzag)

Stitch length – 3

Stitch width – 0

The satin did pucker up where not stitched and shrink slightly in overall size. I used orange, purple and very pale green threads.


2. Diagonal grid

Fabric: black felt

Stabilizer: black felt

Foot: B

Stitch length – 3

Stitch width – 0

There was less shrinkage with this sample. I used green, orange and pale mauve threads.


3. Straight lines all over

Fabric: muslin (calico)

Stabilizer: 1 layer of grey upholstery dust cloth

Foot: B

Stitch length – 3

Stitch width – 0

The mishmash of straight lines all over the fabric square in every direction was not very pretty – just looked like a jumble of conflicting coloured lines. I over stitched dark lines with navy blue thread.

The dark lines do give the background a sense of unity and perhaps a purpose. It looks to me like fireworks in the sky with wires (or some man-made object) lit up against the bright lights in the sky.


4. Straight lines all over on a coloured surface

Fabric: transfer painted bridal satin

Stabilizer: 2 layers of Armo 6140 interfacing

Foot: B

Stitch length – 3

Stitch width – 0

The satin moved as I started the straight stitching, so I tried sewing around the perimeter to stabilize the fabric. In the end, I got some pucker/tucks on one side of the design as the satin gathered up to the sewing outline. (Note to self: use the 505 spray to attach the top fabric to the stabilizer.)

I like the results I got with this sample. I sewed the straight lines as curves, sewing from one side to the other side. This fabric looked like a garden to me and I really wanted to do some free motion curls and circles to imitate the foliage better, but I resisted. I made the dark shapes curve slightly to give the effect of trees.



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