Module 1–Lesson 10: Stitching Colours, Line & Texture

Chapter 10: Stitching Colours, Line and Texture

Mini Samples

Stitch and a blob – doodles with lines and circles


1. Stich in a line –

Fabric: black acrylic felt – one layer Fabric: cotton muslin

Stabilizer: black Pellon fabric: thin fleece batting

Foot: R – feed dogs lowered Foot: R – feed dogs lowered

Stitch width: 0 Stitch width: 0

Generally the bobbin thread matched the upper thread. However some yellow lines did have an orange bobbin thread and that does make a difference in the overall appearance of the stitch.

clip_image004 clip_image006

2. Stich in a circle, spiral, backwards and forwards –

Fabric: black acrylic felt – one layer Fabric: transfer painted polyester satin

Stabilizer: black Pellon fabric: thin fleece batting

Foot: R – feed dogs lowered Foot: R – feed dogs lowered

Stitch width: 0 Stitch width: 0

clip_image008 clip_image010

Thoughts on the process.

Sometimes the drawings look so distinct, but in translating them to stitch, some drawings begin to look the same.

Started with one colour and then added in a second colour. It got more exciting as I added a third colour. Had to concentrate on making such small blobs – making enough movement with the machine to have the blob show up as something, not just knot the threads underneath.

The results are more effective on the black felt than the white backgrounds. The transfer painted background is definitely more interesting than the muslin. I used the colours in the transfer paint to decide on colours to stitch with. I liked the addition of the metallic thread. I think the stitching on the transfer painted satin helps to integrate the painting into the fabric.

The line green/red-violet swirly circles/lines combination doesn’t really work for me. It is too confusing. It might work well if you had a very large, strong, definite design to apply on top of it. I think I like the line with a blob sample best.

Lines and enclosed spaces:

clip_image012 à clip_image014 clip_image016

clip_image018 clip_image020 clip_image022

clip_image024 clip_image026 clip_image028

clip_image030 clip_image032 clip_image034

“Pottery” by Patrick Caulfield


The basic shapes in this piece are basically circles and ovals, with some added handles which are partial ovals. There are only very small glimpses of negative spaces that do not have any particular shape. The circles are mainly at the top of the picture.

The lines are all curves.

The colours used are solid; there is no shading. Each shape is outlined in a thin black line. Details are also formed with thin black lines. The background spaces are black. There is one white jug. The colours Patrick used include:

Yellow – two values

Purple – one value repeated three times

Blue – 4 values – dark, royal, medium and very pale

Bluey-green – 2 values – pale and darker green

Orange -2 values

Red – 4 values – burgundy, red, pink and pale pink

Lines and enclosed spaces, plus colour


Lines and enclosed spaces plus colour and doodles


Lines and spaces and colour and machine doodles -A

Fabric: black acrylic felt

Stabilizer: black Pellon

Foot: R, feed dogs lowered

Stitch width: 0


Doodle for Design B


Lines and spaces and colour and machine doodles – B

Fabric: Black acrylic felt Fabric: transfer painted polyester satin

Stabilizer: Black Pellon + 4 thin layers tear away Stabilizer: 4 very thin layers tear away, + stitch’n’tear for pattern

Foot: R, feed dogs lowered Foot: R, feed dogs lowered

Stitch width: 0 Stitch width: 0


Colours are more dramatic on the transfer painted satin.

The stitches must be very dense to show up on the black felt. I need to use a high colour contrast for the design to be effective, especially on black felt.

Resolved sample.

I took the design from the butterfly wing (chapter 7, page 2). I simplified the circles and then enlarged the design slightly to fit the 10 cm requirement.

clip_image048 clip_image050

clip_image052 clip_image054

I used a complementary colour scheme of orange and blue. I stitched the design twice using two different backgrounds – turquoise acrylic felt and a peachy pink transfer painted polyester satin fabric. I used mainly cotton threads in varying weights and YLI Candlelight metallic thread for the cable stitched outer lines.

(My trusty Husqvarna sewing machine died in the middle of this part of the exercise and so it had to wait till I decided what machine to purchase and then recover from knee replacement surgery and learn how to use my new machine before I could finish the lesson.)

I forgot that placing the drawing of the design on the reverse side to stitch through – without first reversing the drawing- gives you a mirror image of the design!

When I thought I was finished, I realized that I could not see any connection between the blobs, so I went back and added in the cable outlines for the inner enclosed spaces.

I am quite pleased with the results.

clip_image056 clip_image058


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